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10 Reasons You’re Not Losing Weight on Saxenda

Your weight-loss journey can be filled with highs, lows, and unexpected twists. You might have heard all about those jaw-dropping weight loss stories on the news or scrolled through before-and-after photos on social media. So, it’s perfectly normal to feel a bit down if you’re not seeing the numbers on the scale go down, especially when you’re taking a weight loss medication like Saxenda. It is an injectable medication that’s meant for adults and children over 12 who are dealing with overweight or obesity issues. When combined with a diet that’s low in calories and regular exercise, Saxenda works by curbing your hunger and helping you feel full longer.

If you’re wondering, “Why isn’t this working for me?” you’re not alone. There could be several reasons you’re not shedding pounds with Saxenda injections. Maybe it’s about tweaking your diet a bit more, adding a little more activity to your daily routine, or discussing your dosage with your doctor. By the end of this guide, you’ll get the answer to the question, ‘Why am I not losing weight on Saxenda?’ and how you can get the best results with it.

How Long Does it Take for Saxenda to Work?

If you’re considering Saxenda for weight loss, it’s important to understand how it works and when you might see results. Taking medication isn’t a quick fix; it’s more of a gradual process. But how quickly can you expect to see results? Let’s break it down with the help of research. 

  • Firstly, when you start on Saxenda, your doctor will usually begin with a low dose. This is to help your body get used to the medication and minimize side effects. Over the next few weeks, your doctor will likely increase the dose gradually until you reach what’s known as the maintenance dose.
  • Now, you might be wondering, “When will I start seeing results?” The answer varies a bit. While some people begin to feel Saxenda’s appetite-suppressing effects quite soon, the full benefits take a bit longer to kick in. This delay is because your body needs time to adjust to the medication.

In terms of actual weight loss, a study involving 115 individuals found an average weight reduction of 9.2% of their starting weight four months after beginning Saxenda. That’s quite significant, right? But what about the early stages? According to, noticeable weight loss usually happens between the second and fourth week, with some people losing 2% to 4% of their body weight during this period. However, most people see the most substantial results after the eighth week of treatment.

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Why Am I Not Losing Weight on Saxenda?

Everyone’s unique, and different factors can affect how well someone can lose weight. If you’re using Saxenda injections but not getting the results you hoped for, there could be a few reasons behind it. Here are some factors that will help you figure out why it might not be working for you as expected:

1) You May Need a Higher Dose

Your doctor might slowly raise the amount of Saxenda you take, allowing your body to adapt comfortably. The highest dose you can take is 3mg. If you’re not seeing weight loss results, it could be because you haven’t reached this 3mg dose. Often, people notice more weight loss once they are on the full dose. Once you reach the maximum dose, you might start losing more weight. Remember, it’s important to follow your doctor’s advice and have patience as your body adjusts to the medication.

2) You May Have to Wait Longer

While the idea of losing weight on Saxenda is exciting, it’s essential to understand that it won’t happen overnight. You’ll need to be patient and wait a bit longer to see the weight loss results you desire. Achieving successful weight loss, even with Saxenda, is a gradual process. Aim for a healthy pace of about one to two pounds per week. Set realistic goals, and stay committed to making steady progress towards a healthier lifestyle. Remember, the body transformation journey is as important as the destination!

3) You’re Not Adjusting Your Diet

Saxenda is most effective when paired with a balanced diet that’s lower in calories. This means including a mix of lean proteins, whole grains, fruits, and vegetables, but in smaller portions. It’s important to know what foods work well with Saxenda. If you haven’t made changes to your diet since starting Saxenda, it could be the missing piece to your weight loss puzzle. Remember, combining Saxenda with a balanced, nutritious diet gives you the best shot at reaching your fitness goals. So, let’s not just count calories; let’s make every calorie count!

4) You May Need to Exercise More

The more you exercise, the more you can see those extra pounds disappearing! Not only that but being active can also make you feel less hungry throughout the day. Experts suggest aiming for a 30-minute workout of moderate effort, like a brisk walk, at least five times a week to help with weight loss. Keep in mind, if you’re using a weight loss medication like Saxenda, you might not notice its full benefits unless you’re also staying active. So, lace up those sneakers and remember, every step counts towards a healthier you!

5) You’re Stressed Out

Do you feel stressed out more often? It turns out that chronic stress could be slowing down your weight-loss process. Stress impacts weight loss in two ways. First, it can make your body burn fewer calories as a protective response to stress. Secondly, if you handle stress by overeating, it might slow down your weight loss. To tackle stress and support weight loss, make sure you’re getting good sleep and staying active. consider activities like meditation, journaling, having a conversation with a friend, and enjoying your hobbies

6) You’re Not Sleeping Enough

Getting good sleep is crucial for feeling your best, and it can even impact your weight loss efforts. Did you know that not sleeping enough can mess with the hormones that control your appetite? This can make you feel hungrier and lead to overeating. Also, lack of sleep can zap your energy, making it tougher to stick to a healthy diet and exercise routine. Try to keep a regular sleep schedule and a calming bedtime routine that will help you get the rest your body needs.

7) You May Have an Underlying Condition

There’s a possibility of an underlying health issue you may be facing. Some chronic health conditions, such as type 2 diabetes, can make weight loss more challenging. If you’re using Saxenda, adopting a healthy lifestyle, and not seeing the desired results, it’s essential to consider potential health concerns. Talk to your doctor about any health concerns you may have. They can evaluate you for any chronic illnesses that might be affecting your ability to lose weight effectively.

8) You’ve Hit a Plateau

Ever feel like you’re doing all the right things, but your weight won’t budge? That’s called a plateau, and it’s when your body takes a timeout from shedding pounds, even though you’re still watching what you eat. Weird, right? It’s believed that your metabolism might slow down in response to cutting calories. But don’t worry—hitting a plateau is a common part of losing weight. Instead of getting frustrated, focus on the other perks of a healthy lifestyle, like having more energy. If you’re feeling stuck, reach out to your doctor or a dietitian for some expert guidance on breaking through that weight loss plateau.

9) You’re Not Drinking Enough Water

Are you drinking enough water? If not, Saxenda might not be giving you the weight loss results you’re aiming for. Staying well-hydrated is crucial for your body’s proper functioning, especially when trying to shed those extra pounds. Drinking enough water may help control your hunger, boost your metabolism, and cut down on calorie intake. Keep yourself hydrated by choosing water over sugary drinks. Fresh fruits and veggies are also great for getting the fluids your body needs.

10) You’re Not Eating Enough Protein

Make sure you’re getting enough protein! Including lean protein in your weight loss plan is crucial for success. It not only keeps you feeling full longer after meals but also helps burn more calories. If you’re not eating enough protein, you might find it harder to lose weight. Try to include a source of lean protein in each meal. Good options are chicken, fish, turkey, pork tenderloin, egg whites, lean beef, tofu, lentils, tempeh, and beans. These tasty choices can make a real difference in your weight loss goals!

How to Lose Weight Fast on Saxenda?

For Saxenda injections to work its best for you, it’s important to follow your provider’s instructions precisely. This means:

  • Taking your medicine at the right doses and at the right time
  • Getting plenty of exercise (for at least 30 minutes)
  • Eating a healthy diet (including foods rich in proteins, vitamins and minerals)
  • Staying in contact with your doctor (if you notice any difficulties while on Saxenda)

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Moving Forward 

Sometimes, people quickly blame themselves for not losing weight easily, but it’s not as simple as just eating less and exercising more. It left us with the question, “Does Saxenda work for everybody?” Yes, it does, but everyone is different, and so is their body. If your healthcare provider suggests using Saxenda for weight loss, trust that it will work for you. Losing weight is a big challenge, and it’s normal to feel disheartened, especially for those using Saxenda injections without seeing the expected results. But don’t lose hope because regular consultation with your doctor and being patient will help you achieve your goal of losing weight and staying healthy!

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