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buy orthovisc online

What is Orthovisc (Sodium Hyaluronate)?

Sodium hyaluronate Orthovisc is a medication used as an injection to treat osteoarthritis (OA) and inflammation of the joints. Hyaluronic acids have been found throughout the human body and are an important part of the synovial fluid, the fluid in between the apex of your joints.

Generally osteoarthritis have less hyaluronic acid in them. The synovial fluid cannot re-balance the consistency. This causes friction between cartilage growing wear out and causing bones to rub together during movement. The result can be pain, swelling, stiffness and decreased joint functions. When injected in joints Orthovisc mimics the synovial fluids.

What Are the Benefits of Orthovisc Syringe (Hyaluronan)?

Orthovisc sodium hyaluronate is a clear elastic solution that can help relieve osteoarthritis. Orthovisc’s main ingredient hyaluronic acid is ultra-pure and high molecular weight, which can be identical to the hyaluronic acids found in joint fluid. Orthovisc is a bacteriological product from bacteria fermentation, rather than avian – based. It also decreases allergy symptoms when patients have egg allergies or an allergic pet rash. Orthovisc syringe can benefit the patient if taken in the right way.

Conditions Treated by Orthovisc Syringe 15mg

Osteoarthritis occurs through a progressive loss of tissue as a function of fluids. Pain, inflammation or stiffness may inhibit your ability to move freely and this does not only show you age. Sports injuries can be very detrimental. Because Orthovisc is administered in your knee joint, you can have it placed at intervals around a week apart. When undergoing a medical treatment your pain may last 6-12 months.

Pain Relief from Osteoarthritis (OA) with Increased Mobility

Orthovisc injections can provide osteoarthritis patients with pain relief by removing inflammatory tissue in the knee through the injection site from your physician to the knee. Viscosupplementation provides proper support for knee joints and provides cushioning and lubrication functions that address the cause of knee pain, providing relief and increasing flexibility for your everyday activities.

Orthovisc Usage Guidelines and Considerations

Dosage Timing and Activities:

  • Allow a minimum of 48 hours between doses of Orthovisc.
  • Avoid prolonged periods of heavy-duty and long-term sitting after administration.

Skin Preparation and Solution Compatibility:

Exercise caution when combining quaternary ammonium salts with skin preparation if hyaluronic acid is present in the solution.

Joint Usage Warning:

The safety of Orthovisc use in joints beyond the knee is uncertain.

Intravenous Treatment Efficacy:

There is insufficient evidence supporting the effectiveness of intravenous Orthovisc treatment with fewer than three injections.

Initial Pain Relief:

Immediate pain relief may not be noticeable after the first Orthovisc injection.

Before Orthovisc Is Injected

Orthovisc may be needed to prevent bleeding in the areas surrounding the knee. Avoid use when you have a severe allergic reaction to hyaluronate. Orthovisc sodium hyaluronate injections should be scheduled in advance. It takes 3 injections for this medicine to have a complete effect. Orthovisc is not an effective way to cure osteoarthritis. It’ll improve your walking ability.

Buy Orthovisc Online from Canada

Currently PolarBearMeds offers the Canadian Orthovisc sodium hyaluronate product line from Anika. Its generic version isn’t offered. For further Canada dosage information, call the number 1-888-779-2193. offers many arthritis medicines including Synolis VA or Synvisc. Canadian customers do not need prescriptions. “Required prescriptions when a US order has been submitted”.


  • It is recommended to avoid concurrent application of quaternary ammonium salt-based disinfectants for skin preparation since these products can precipitate hyaluronic acid.
  • In some patients with inflammatory osteoarthritis following Orthovisc injections, there have been transient increases in inflammation in the injected knee.

What Are the Possible Side Effects of Orthovisc?

Orthovisc’s most common side effects include arthritis and pains, including pains in joints. These medicines are highly susceptible to allergic reactions. Call your medical practitioner immediately if you have the following symptoms: Bleeding or an Increase in Knee Pain. If you are experiencing a sudden condition, call your doctor. 


  • A strict aseptic injection technique is essential during the application of Orthovisc.
  • Orthovisc’s safety and effectiveness in joints other than the knee have yet to be demonstrated.
  • It has yet to be proven that a single treatment cycle of less than three injections is effective. Pain relief may only be noticeable after the third injection.
  • Orthovisc’s effectiveness has not been confirmed for more than one course of treatment.
  • The pre-filled syringe is for single use only; contents should be used immediately after opening. Unused Orthovisc must be discarded and should not be resterilized.
  • Do not use Orthovisc if the package is opened or damaged.
  • Orthovisc should be kept at room temperature (below 77°F/25°C). Don’t freeze.
  • Remove any joint effusion present before injecting Orthovisc.
  • Medical professionals are responsible for administering Orthovisc following techniques approved for injecting agents into the knee joint.

Interactions with Orthovisc (Hyaluronan)

Drugs: 2 medications are known to interact with Orthovisc:

  • Benzalkonium chloride topical
  • Cetylpyridinium topical

Disease Interaction: Orthovisc has 1 known disease interaction:

  • Bleeding disorders

Frequently Asked Questions 

How long does it take for Orthovisc to show results?

Orthovisc typically requires a specific injection schedule for optimal effectiveness. Healthcare providers often recommend having the injections spaced exactly one week apart. After the injections, it takes time for the medication to integrate into the body and produce noticeable effects. Patients can expect to feel the full impact of the medication approximately 4 to 6 weeks after the initial injection.

Orthovisc gradually works within the joints during this period, providing lubrication and cushioning. It’s essential to adhere to the recommended injection schedule and allow the medication the necessary time to take effect. Patience and consistency in following the prescribed treatment plan are key to experiencing the best possible results with Orthovisc.

What precautions should be taken after receiving an Orthovisc injection?

After receiving an Orthovisc injection, consult your doctor if you have allergies. Ensure a conversation with your healthcare provider regarding your suitability for Orthovisc® if you have known allergies. Following each injection, it’s advisable to refrain from engaging in strenuous activities like jogging, tennis, or heavy lifting for the initial 48 hours. Prioritize rest and consult your healthcare provider for personalized post-injection care guidance.

Can Orthovisc alleviate inflammation?

Yes, Orthovisc, along with other viscosupplementation solutions like Hylagan, Euflexxa, Supartz, and Synvisc, is utilized at Peak Health and Wellness. During the procedure, a dense gel containing hyaluronan or hyaluronic acid, a natural protein, is injected into the knee joint. This provides lubrication and effectively diminishes inflammation, enhancing joint function and relieving discomfort for improved mobility and overall well-being.

Tell me the dosage of Orthovisc

Orthovisc sodium hyaluronate has a daily dose of 15 ml sodium hyaluronic acid per mL. This product contains 2mL of sodium hyaluronate dissolved in physiological saline. Orthovisc 15 mg ml syringe is mostly effective and prescribed by doctors to their patients.

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