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Why Is Vraylar so Expensive : Cost, Long-Term Drug Costs, and More



Why is Vraylar so expensive? There are several factors contributing to its high cost. Firstly, Vraylar is a brand-name drug with no generic version available. Additionally, the lack of regulation in American drug prices drives up the cost. Without insurance coverage, a 30-day supply could cost over $1,400.

However, there are ways to alleviate these expenses, such as exploring copay and savings programs, purchasing from international or Canadian pharmacies like Always consult with your healthcare practitioner before starting any medication.

Key Takeaways: Why is Vraylar so Expensive?

– Vraylar is a brand-name medication without generics, allowing the manufacturer to set high prices.
– American drug prices are not regulated, leading to higher costs for medications like Vraylar.
– Purchasing Vraylar without insurance can be financially burdensome, with a cost exceeding $1,400 for a 30-day supply.
– Utilizing copay and savings programs, as well as buying from international or Canadian pharmacies like, can help mitigate the high cost of Vraylar.

Brand-Name Medication Without Generic Drugs

Vraylar, a brand-name medication used to treat bipolar disorder, does not have a generic option. Unlike generic medications, Vraylar goes through extensive research, development, and patent protection, allowing the manufacturer to set high prices. This lack of generic drug competition results in the high cost of Vraylar, which can be burdensome for individuals who rely on it.

The cost of Vraylar can be challenging, especially for those without insurance coverage. It can cost over $1,400 for a 30-day supply. However, there are ways to save on Vraylar. Exploring copay and savings programs offered by the manufacturer or healthcare provider, as well as purchasing from international or Canadian pharmacies, can help reduce costs.


Vraylar is only available as a brand-name drug. It doesn’t come in a generic version. A generic drug is an exact copy of the active drug in a brand-name medication.

Generics tend to cost less than brand-name drugs.

Before considering alternative options, it is crucial to consult with a healthcare provider to ensure safety and discuss concerns or questions. It is also important to be aware of potential serious side effects.

The lack of generic alternatives for Vraylar is one factor contributing to its high cost, along with the lack of regulation in American drug prices. This will be discussed further in the next section.

Lack of Regulation in American Drug Prices

American drug prices are not regulated, allowing pharmaceutical companies to set their own prices for prescription drugs. This lack of oversight contributes to the high costs of medications like Vraylar, especially for individuals without prescription drug coverage. Manufacturers can charge whatever they want for brand-name medications, such as Vraylar, without considering affordability for patients, particularly those with conditions like bipolar disorder who rely on these drugs.

The absence of generic versions of Vraylar also increases the medication’s cost, as there is limited competition to drive down prices. This lack of regulation exacerbates the financial burden for individuals who need Vraylar to manage their bipolar disorder, making it challenging to afford the medication, especially without insurance coverage.

High Cost Without Insurance on Long-Term Drug Costs

Insurance coverage greatly affects the cost of Vraylar. Without insurance, the full cost of Vraylar must be paid out of pocket, which can be over $1,400 for a 30-day supply. Since Vraylar is a brand-name medication with no generic alternative, the price is set higher without competition.

Without insurance, access to copay and savings programs is limited, making it harder to reduce the cost. If unable to afford Vraylar without insurance, alternative options like purchasing from international or Canadian pharmacies can be explored, but consultation with a healthcare practitioner is essential.

Copay and Savings Programs to Save on Vraylar

There are copay and savings programs available for Vraylar.

One such program is VRAYPAY, which offers eligible commercially insured patients the opportunity to pay as little as $0 for the first two 30-day fills of Vraylar and as little as $5 for 30- or 90-day refills. The VRAYPAY Savings Program also provides copay assistance for Vraylar, allowing patients to receive up to twelve prescription fills of Vraylar or four prescription fills of a generic antidepressant.

The myAbbVie Assist program is available for qualifying individuals with limited or no health insurance coverage and demonstrated financial need, providing Vraylar at no cost.

If these programs are not sufficient, consider buying from international or Canadian pharmacies.

Buying From International or Canadian Pharmacies

Buying Vraylar from international or Canadian pharmacies can save you money on medication costs. Canadian pharmacies offer Vraylar at lower prices compared to the US. Some international pharmacies may also offer generic alternatives to Vraylar at even lower prices.

Ordering medication online from Canada or other international pharmacies is a convenient option. Ensure that you are purchasing from a reputable online pharmacy by looking for pharmacies that require a prescription and have positive customer reviews. By taking these steps, you can buy Vraylar at a significantly lower cost and alleviate the financial burden of this expensive medication.

Utilizing User-Friendly Platforms

User-friendly platforms like provide affordable options for accessing Vraylar. These platforms offer a convenient and efficient way to obtain medication for bipolar disorder or schizophrenia at a lower price compared to traditional pharmacies.

Cost of Vraylar With and Without Insurance

The cost of Vraylar varies based on insurance coverage.

  • Without insurance: The price of Vraylar can be high without insurance, costing around $1,312 per month.

  • With insurance: With health insurance, the cost of Vraylar can be significantly reduced. Copay amounts typically range from $0 to $25 per month.

Additional ways to save on Vraylar include utilizing savings cards or copay assistance programs. However, it is important to consult with a healthcare practitioner before starting any medication.

Now let’s discuss the prices of different strengths of Vraylar.

Prices of Different Strengths of Vraylar

Different strengths of Vraylar have varying prices. The cost of Vraylar depends on the prescribed dosage, insurance coverage, and the availability of savings programs and copay assistance. Comparing the costs of different strengths is important to find the most affordable option. Here is a table showcasing the prices of various strengths of Vraylar:

Strength (mg)Average Price (30-day supply)

The prices of Vraylar increase as the strength increases. However, these prices are just averages and can vary based on location and insurance coverage. Exploring savings programs and patient assistance programs offered by the drug company can help reduce the cost of Vraylar and make it more affordable. Now, let’s discuss the availability of copay assistance and how it can further help save on the medication.

Availability of Copay Assistance

  • VRAYPAY Savings Program: Eligible commercially insured patients can pay as little as $0 for their first two 30-day fills of Vraylar. Additional savings options are available for up to twelve prescription fills. Check the terms and conditions for qualification.

  • Medicare Part D coverage: Medicare Part D coverage may vary, but eligible individuals may pay $10 or less for a 30-day supply of Vraylar through the Medicare Low Income Subsidy (LIS). Consult with your healthcare professional to determine eligibility.

  • myAbbVie Assist program: Qualifying individuals with limited or no health insurance coverage and demonstrated financial need can receive Vraylar at no cost through this program. Contact the program to see if you meet the requirements.

Getting a 90-day Supply of Cariprazine

Obtain a 3-month supply of Vraylar through a mail-order pharmacy to save time and money.

By purchasing a 90-day prescription, you can avoid frequent trips to the pharmacy and potentially reduce the overall cost of your medication.

For example, opting for a 3-month supply of Vraylar could save you $200 per month, resulting in a total savings of $600 for the first few months of treatment.

Vraylar is a medication used to treat mental health conditions such as manic episodes associated with bipolar disorder and schizophrenia.

Utilizing a mail-order pharmacy for a 3-month supply simplifies the process of obtaining your medication and offers potential cost savings.

Using a Mail-Order Pharmacy

Using a mail-order pharmacy can save time and money for your Vraylar prescription. Ordering online offers convenience and potential cost savings, especially with a 3-month supply. Here are the key benefits:

ConvenienceOrder from home, no need to visit a physical pharmacy. User-friendly online platforms make ordering easy.
Potential cost savingsCompetitive prices and possible discounts or savings cards can reduce out-of-pocket costs.

Consider these factors before using a mail-order pharmacy: Verify the website’s legitimacy, license, and accreditation. Consult your healthcare provider to ensure Vraylar is suitable and won’t interact with other medications. Be aware of potential side effects like changes in blood pressure, cholesterol, or weight gain. By using a trusted mail-order pharmacy, obtaining your Vraylar prescription is simplified while potentially saving money.

Saving Options and Considerations

Explore affordable alternatives and cost-saving strategies for obtaining Vraylar. Consider using savings cards or programs provided by the manufacturer, which can offer discounts or rebates on the medication. Check the Vraylar website for available coupons or discounts that can be applied to your prescription.

Discuss with your healthcare provider the possibility of switching to a generic or more cost-effective medication for schizophrenia or bipolar disorder. Managing your overall health through diet and exercise can potentially reduce the need for medication. Consult with your healthcare provider before making any changes to your medication regimen to ensure the best options for your specific situation, considering the cost of Vraylar and any potential side effects.

Frequently Asked Questions on Cost and Vraylar Saving Tips

How Can We Reduce the Cost of Vraylar?

To reduce the cost of Vraylar:

  1. Explore copay and savings programs.
  2. Consider buying from international or Canadian pharmacies.
  3. Utilize user-friendly platforms like
    Remember to consult with a healthcare practitioner before starting any medication.

What if I Can T Afford Vraylar?

If you can’t afford Vraylardiscuss alternative options with your doctor, pharmacist, or insurance providerConsider exploring cost-saving alternatives, coupons, savings programs, or ordering from reputable Canadian pharmacies.

How Much Is a 30-Day Supply of Vraylar?

A 30-day supply of Vraylar costs over $1,400 without insurance. Consider exploring copay and savings programs, buying from international pharmacies, or using user-friendly platforms like to save on medication.

Has Vraylar Gone Generic?

Vraylar has not gone generic yet. This means that there are no cheaper alternatives available, allowing the manufacturer to set high prices for the medication.

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