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Is Trulicity Expensive Without Insurance, How Much Does Trulicity Cost in 2024?


Trulicity can be pricey without insurance, averaging $1,299 per month or over $15,500 yearly. Consider generic alternatives for cost savings. Private insurance covers around 92%, with an average of $239 monthly. Medicare Part D covers about 70% with $207 on average monthly. Investigate patient assistance programs for financial support.

Dosage, location, and state laws impact costs. Use Trulicity savings cardsGoodRx coupons, or assistance programs to reduce expenses. Understanding these cost factors is key to managing Trulicity expenses effectively. Additional insights await deeper investigation into managing Trulicity costs in 2024.

Key Takeaways

  • Trulicity costs about $1,299 monthly without insurance.
  • Patients may pay around $325 weekly without insurance.
  • Annual cost without insurance could exceed $15,500.
  • Generic antidiabetic options may offer cost savings.
  • Utilize discounts like savings cards to reduce Trulicity costs.

Trulicity Cost Information Overview

Trulicity sans insurance typically costs around $1,299 for a monthly supply of four pen injectors. For individuals managing type 2 diabetes, this expense can quickly add up, as patients without insurance may pay approximately $325 for each weekly dose. Over a year, the total cost of Trulicity therapy without insurance could exceed $15,500, creating a significant financial burden for many. Since GLP-1 agonists like Trulicity are pricey brand-name medications, exploring ways to reduce the cost is crucial.

If you lack health insurance coverage for prescription drugs, consider asking about generic antidiabetic options to Trulicity. These substitutes may offer cost savings while still effectively treating your type 2 diabetes. Recognizing the cost of Trulicity without insurance emphasizes the importance of finding ways to make this vital medication more affordable for those in need.

Insurance Coverage for Trulicity

Trulicity is usually covered by commercial health insurance, Medicaid, and Medicare. Here’s a breakdown of coverage and costs by insurance type:

  • Private Health Insurance: Covers up to 92% with an average monthly cost of $239. The remaining 8% pay around $30.

  • Medicare Part D: Covers up to 70% with an average monthly cost of $207. The remaining 30% pay around $100.

These numbers show the different coverage levels and costs based on the type of insurance. Patient assistance programs are available for those facing financial difficulties even with insurance. Understanding your coverage and available assistance can help manage Trulicity costs effectively.

Trulicity Cost Comparison

Trulicity, a type 2 diabetes drug, costs $1,299 for a four-pen pack without insurance. Each weekly dose can be around $325, totaling over $15,500 per year. There’s no generic version available yet, making it expensive compared to other medications like GLP-1 agonists.

However, there are cheaper generic antidiabetic drugs that can be considered as alternatives. Patients without insurance can explore assistance programs or talk to healthcare providers for cost-saving tips to manage Trulicity‘s financial burden.

Factors Affecting Trulicity Cost

Factors influencing Trulicity costs include:

  • Dosage
  • Location
  • State Medicaid laws

Prices vary based on dosage strength and where the prescription is filled. State laws on Medicaid copays also impact final costs.

Understanding these factors helps patients manage expenses and explore cost-saving options for this vital medication.

Discounts on Trulicity

Save on your Trulicity medication by using discounts like the Trulicity savings card from Eli Lilly, which can lower costs to $25 per prescription. Eligible individuals can get Trulicity for free through Lilly Cares program.

Fill a 90-day supply at once to save money and time. Use GoodRx coupon to reduce Trulicity’s retail price. InsideRx and Lilly offer co-pay cards and assistance programs to cut overall expenses.

Purchasing Trulicity Without Insurance

If you want to buy Trulicity without insurance, expect to pay around $1,299 for a pack of four pens. Each weekly dose without insurance costs about $325, totaling over $15,500 for a year of treatment.

Trulicity is expensive due to its brand-name status. Cheaper generic antidiabetic drugs are worth considering as alternatives. It’s wise to explore cost-saving strategies with healthcare providers and look into other medication options given Trulicity’s high cost without insurance coverage.

SingleCare Discount Card for Trulicity

Utilize the SingleCare discount card to cut down Trulicity costs significantly for those without insurance. Save over $500 on each Trulicity refill with the SingleCare card, available at many pharmacies.

The card works based on generic drug prices, giving maximum savings for uninsured individuals. Access this card regardless of your insurance status or income.

Patient Assistance Programs

Patient assistance programs like Lilly Cares offer Trulicity at no cost to eligible individuals. Healthcare providers help patients enroll in these programs. Not all uninsured patients may qualify, so consulting providers is crucial.

Patients can ask about other programs from pharmaceutical companies for reduced or free Trulicity. Using these programs helps uninsured individuals get affordable access to Trulicity for managing Type 2 diabetes.

Finding Health Insurance for Trulicity

To cover Trulicity costs, check with Medicaid, Medicare, or your insurance company. Without insurance, a four-pen pack can cost around $1,299.

Look into Lilly Cares for free Trulicity if you’re eligible.

Due to high global demand for Trulicity impacting the level of donations to Lilly Cares, new applications for Trulicity are currently not being accepted. Please contact your healthcare provider for assistance.

The SingleCare card gives over $500 off each refill for uninsured patients.

Research insurance options or Medicaid to cut your expenses on this diabetes medication.

State Medicaid Requirements for Trulicity

State Medicaid criteria for Trulicity coverage vary. Most states support this medication. Key points to note are:

  • Some states have specific rules for Trulicity coverage under Medicaid.
  • Patients must check their state’s Medicaid site for Trulicity coverage details.
  • Certain states offer lower or no copays for Trulicity.
  • Medicaid eligibility for Trulicity hinges on state rules and financial need.

Knowing your state’s Medicaid rules for Trulicity can help you access this vital medication. Stay informed, meet eligibility criteria, and potentially benefit from Medicaid aid in managing Trulicity costs.

Medicare Part D and Subsidies for Trulicity

Most Medicare Part D plans cover Trulicity with out-of-pocket costs ranging from $0 to $100 per month for 70% of patients. Subsidies like the Extra Help program can lower Trulicity expenses for eligible individuals.

Patients without Extra Help may face average monthly costs of about $207 for Trulicity under Medicare Part D. Out-of-pocket expenses for Trulicity can vary based on the benefit phase, affecting what patients pay.

Eligible Medicare patients can get reduced Trulicity costs through subsidies like Extra Help, which assist with medication expenses. Understanding Medicare Part D coverage, subsidies, and potential out-of-pocket costs can help individuals manage their Trulicity expenses more effectively.

Tips for Getting the Best Price on Trulicity

Explore ways to save on Trulicity without insurance:

  • Utilize SingleCare coupons and the Lilly Cares program.
  • Investigate health insurance options for potential coverage.
  • Compare pharmacy prices to find the best deal.

Frequently Asked Questions

When Is Trulicity Going to Be Available?

Trulicity is currently on the market in 2024, priced at $886.56 per month. Contact your doctor or pharmacy to inquire about its availability and cost.

Why Is Trulicity Hard to Get Now?

Trulicity is unaffordable for many without insurance, costing around $1,268.78. Using SingleCare coupons can lower the price to about $786.01, making it more accessible for patients.

Can You Get Trulicity in Canada?

Trulicity is available in Canada. Prices can differ depending on the province and insurance coverage. You should check with a healthcare provider or pharmacist for detailed information. Government drug plans or private insurance may provide coverage options.

Is Trulicity a Once Weekly Injection?

Yes, Trulicity is administered as a once-weekly injection. This helps in managing blood sugar levels efficiently for individuals with type 2 diabetes.

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