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Rybelsus Vs Wegovy for Weight Loss: Which Is Best for You?

Are you looking for an effective weight loss treatment? The media has popularized some medications like Rybelsus and Wegovy for losing weight, often labeling them as miracles. In case you’re not sure which version of semaglutide is right for you, you should know that both resemble one another significantly. Both allow better control of appetite, a change in food cravings, and a loss of weight as a result. In spite of their similarities, they have some key differences that patients and healthcare providers should be aware of. Let’s compare and contrast these two medications in this blog post to help you decide which is best for you. In addition, you can buy Rybelsus online and maintain a healthy weight.

How Does Rybelsus Help You Lose Weight?

Rybelsus is a semaglutide that mimics the naturally occurring hormone GLP-1 and stimulates insulin release from the pancreas, effectively lowering blood glucose levels. This is particularly beneficial for individuals with type 2 diabetes who may experience insulin resistance or insufficient insulin production. Additionally, it slows down the digestion and absorption of food in the stomach, leading to reduced feelings of hunger and increased sensations of fullness. This dual mechanism helps in lowering calorie intake, facilitating weight loss, and improving overall metabolic health.

How Does Wegovy Help You Lose Weight?

Wegovy is another semaglutide that activates GLP-1 receptors in various organs, such as the pancreas, stomach, and brain. This activation prompts insulin release from the pancreas, effectively lowering blood sugar levels, which is particularly advantageous for individuals with type 2 diabetes. Additionally, it slows down the rate of digestion and absorption of food in the stomach, leading to less hunger and increased feelings of fullness. Through these physiological effects it contributes to decreased calorie intake, aiding in weight loss and aiding in the management of obesity.

How Effective is Rybelsus Vs Wegovy for Weight Loss?

Both medications have been shown to be effective for weight loss in diabetic patients and nondiabetics alike. As reported in the STEP 1 Trial published in the New England Journal of Medicines in March 2021, participants who took Wegovy were able to lose significant amounts of weight compared to those taking a placebo. Wegovy was given as a once-weekly pen injection for 68 weeks. As compared to the placebo group, participants lost 15% of their body weight from their baseline.

In diabetic patients, Rybelsus appears to have an effect on weight loss, even though no trials have been conducted investigating its effect on obesity. A phase 3 randomized control trial published in 2019 in the National Library of Medicine showed that participants taking Rybelsus for a period of 26 weeks showed a 2.6 kg (5 lbs) reduction in body weight compared to baseline. There was no specific diet or exercise plan followed by the participants. A similar time period to the STEP 1 Trial may yield even more significant effects of Rybelsus in combination with diet and exercise. ‍

A systematic review and meta-analysis published in Science Direct Journal in 2022 compared the weight loss effects of Rybelsus (oral semaglutide) with subcutaneous semaglutide and other GLP-1 agonists in diabetic patients. According to their findings, Rybelsus’ weight loss effects were similar to those of subcutaneous semaglutide. 

Which is More Convenient to Use for Weight Loss?

These medications differ significantly in their convenience. Wegovy is injected subcutaneously (under the skin) once a week, while Rybelsus is an oral tablet taken once a day. Due to the fact that oral medications need a higher dose to get past the gut and liver to be absorbed, they are given in different doses (0.25 mg for Wegovy and 3-7 mg for Rybelsus). Due to Wegovy’s injection form, a lower dose is required to have the same effect as Rybelsus.

[Note: Patients who are uncomfortable with needles or have difficulty administering injections may find Rybelsus more appealing. Some patients, however, may prefer the convenience of a weekly injection to daily pills].

How Long Does It Take Wegovy Vs Rybelsus to Work?

As semaglutide is a long-acting medication, it can take up to 4-5 weeks before reaching a ‘steady state’, in which levels of the drug remain higher in the blood rather than fluctuating. Due to the drug’s rising and falling blood levels, we might notice a change in our hunger levels during the first couple of months of taking the medication. It’s important to note that the time it takes for these medications to work may vary from person to person.

Are Rybelsus and Wegovy Safe for Weight Loss?

Rybelsus and Wegovy may cause similar side effects, such as nausea, diarrhea, and constipation. It is also possible to experience problems with digestion and absorption when taking Rybelsus 14 mg tablets orally. The systemic review mentioned above also found that side effects were not as frequent as those reported with subcutaneous semaglutide. Rybelsus may cause mild-to-moderate gastrointestinal side effects, including stomach pain, bloating, and gas. In most cases, these side effects are temporary and will subside as the body adjusts to the medication.

Wegovy can also cause serious side effects, such as pancreatitis and thyroid cancer. Although these side effects are rare, they should be weighed against the potential benefits. Patients with a record of medullary thyroid cancer or a family record of multiple endocrine neoplasia cancer syndrome type 2 (MEN-2) should not take Wegovy or Rybelsus. As these medications can increase hypoglycemia risks, you should avoid them if you have diabetic retinopathy or if you are taking insulin. 

Who Should Not Take Semaglutide for Weight Loss?

There are some people who may not benefit from these medications, even though they are popular. Consult your doctor to find out if it is right for you. Semaglutide should not be used if you:

  • You are pregnant or plan on becoming pregnant
  • You have multiple endocrine neoplasia type 2 (tumors in your glands).
  • Having a family history of medullary thyroid carcinoma (a type of thyroid cancer)
  • If you are allergic to semaglutide
  • There can be a severe slowing of the stomach known as gastroparesis

It is recommended that you only take one type of semaglutide medication at a time. These medicines cannot be taken together, for instance. If you are willing to buy Rybelsus or Wegovy online, the best Canadian online pharmacy, Polar Bear Meds, offers the most affordable prices.

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Rybelsus or Wegovy: Which One Is Right For You?

Rybelsus and Wegovy, both weight-loss medications work in similar ways but have some differences as well. There is a once-daily tablet for Rybelsus and a once-weekly injection for Wegovy. Both medications have been shown to effectively reduce body weight in multiple studies, but Wegovy appears to be more effective. People taking Wegovy, however, reported more side effects compared to those taking Rybelsus. ‍

Taking these medications along with diet and exercise is also important for maximizing their effectiveness. In the end, you should discuss what medication is best suited to your lifestyle with your healthcare provider.

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