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Trulance (plecanatide) is an FDA-approved medication used to treat chronic idiopathic constipation (CIC) and irritable bowel syndrome with constipation (IBS-C) in adults. Available as a 3 mg oral tablet, Trulance works by mimicking a natural protein in the digestive tract, increasing fluid absorption in the intestines, and helping form well-formed stool for easier bowel movements. It’s typically taken once daily, with or without food. Mild side effects can include bloating, dizziness, and nausea, while serious side effects, such as severe diarrhea and allergic reactions, are rare. Always consult your doctor to determine if Trulance is right for you.

Trulance Overview

Trulance (plecanatide) is a medication approved by the FDA to treat chronic idiopathic constipation (CIC) & irritable bowel syndrome with constipation (IBS-C) in adults. It comes in the form of a 3 mg oral tablet. Trulance functions by mimicking a natural protein found in the digestive tract, attaching to receptors in the small intestine, and increasing fluid absorption, which aids in forming well-formed stool and promoting easier bowel movements.

For both CIC and IBS-C, the usual and maximum recommended dosage is 3 mg taken once daily. Trulance can be taken with or without food, and it is important to take it at the same time each day for consistent effectiveness. If swallowing tablets is difficult, the tablet can be crushed and mixed with applesauce or water, but consult your doctor for guidance. Mild side effects of Trulance may include abdominal bloating, dizziness, and nausea. Serious or adverse side effects, such as allergic reactions and severe diarrhea, are rare but require immediate medical attention. Trulance is not recommended for children under 18 years old due to the risk of severe dehydration.

Before starting Trulance, inform your doctor of any bowel obstructions or allergies to plecanatide. Discuss your health history, especially if you are breastfeeding, pregnant or planning or thinking to get pregnant, to make sure Trulance is safe for you. Trulance may be used long-term if deemed effective and safe by your doctor. For those looking to manage costs, some Americans turn to services like Polar Bear Meds, where they can buy Trulance online from Canada at a reduced price. Customers can order Trulance in the USA from Canada and use the Trulance coupon code WELCOMEPB10 for a 10% discount on their first order.

What Are the Uses of Trulance?

Trulance is approved by the FDA for treating specific constipation types in adults, including:

  • Irritable bowel syndrome with constipation (IBS-C)
  • Chronic idiopathic constipation (CIC) defined as persistent constipation without an identifiable cause

What Are the Forms & Strengths of Trulance?

The forms and strengths of Trulance are here as follows:

  • Form: Trulance is available as an oral tablet.
  • Strength: The tablets come in one strength, which is 3 milligrams (mg).

What Are the Recommended Dosage of Trulance?

Dosage for Irritable Bowel Syndrome with Constipation
  • Usual Dose: The standard dose of Trulance for treating irritable bowel syndrome with constipation is 3 mg taken once daily.
  • Maximum Dose: The 3 mg once-daily dose is also the maximum recommended dose for Trulance.
Dosage for Chronic Idiopathic Constipation
  • Usual Dose: The typical dose of Trulance for treating chronic idiopathic constipation is 3 mg taken once daily.
  • Maximum Dose: This 3 mg once-daily dose is also the maximum recommended dose for Trulance.

[Note: Remember, these recommendations may vary from person to person. Discuss it with your doctor, and they’ll customize your dosage accordingly.]

How to Use Trulance?

Follow your doctor’s instructions for taking Trulance. Below are some guidelines for using Trulance correctly:

  • Trulance is an oral tablet that should be swallowed.
  • Typically, you should take Trulance once a day. There is no specific time required for taking it, so you can choose any time that suits you.
  • However, it’s best to take your doses at the same time each day to maintain a steady level of the medication in your body for optimal effectiveness.
  • To ensure you don’t forget a dose, consider using a medication reminder. This could be setting an alarm, using a timer, or installing a reminder app on your phone.
  • If you find it difficult to read your prescription label, you can speak with your doctor or pharmacist. Many pharmacies provide labels with braille, large print, or a code that can be easily scanned with a smartphone to hear the text read aloud. If your local pharmacy does not offer these features, your doctor or pharmacist might direct you to one that does.
  • If you struggle to open medication bottles, ask your pharmacist to place Trulance in an easy-open container. They might also suggest tools to help make opening lids easier.
  • You can take Trulance with or without food.
  • Generally, you should swallow Trulance tablets whole. Do not split or chew them.
  • However, if you have difficulty swallowing the tablets, you might be allowed to crush them and mix them with applesauce or water. Always confirm with your doctor or pharmacist to find the best method for you.
  • Trulance can be used as a long-term treatment. If it is determined to be safe and effective for you, you may continue taking it over the long term.

[Note: Your doctor will decide the right amount for you based on your condition, following guidelines and studies on the drug. They’ll adjust it as needed over time.]

How Does Trulance Work?

Trulance operates by imitating a specific protein found in your digestive system. This process is known as its mechanism of action. Like the natural protein, Trulance binds to receptors located on the surface of cells in your small intestine. It works by increasing the fluid absorption in the intestine, which aids in forming proper stools. Consequently, Trulance facilitates smoother and more comfortable bowel movements. Receptors are types of proteins on the cell surface that allow substances, such as drug molecules, to attach and send chemical signals. In clinical trials, individuals who used Trulance reported relief from constipation as soon as one week after beginning the treatment. You can discuss with your doctor what to expect when using Trulance.

Important Safety Information for Using Trulance

What Are the Side Effects of Trulance?

Trulance may lead to mild or severe side effects. Below are some of the main side effects you might experience while taking Trulance. Please note that this is not a complete list of all possible side effects. Many of these side effects may resolve on their own within a few days to weeks. However, if they worsen or do not disappear, you should consult your doctor or pharmacist. Mild side effects of Trulance can include:

  • Dizziness
  • Nausea
  • Abdominal bloating or tenderness
  • Infections, such as the urinary tract infection or common cold
  • Mild diarrhea

Serious side effects from Trulance are rare, but they can happen. If you notice any adverse or serious side effects, contact your doctor immediately. In case of symptoms that feel life-threatening, or if you believe you’re having a medical emergency, call 911 or your local emergency number. Serious side effects of Trulance can include:

  • Risk of serious dehydration in children
  • Allergic reaction
  • Severe diarrhea

[Note: Remember, this list may not cover all possible side effects. Always consult with your healthcare giver for medical advice about side effects.]

Are There Any Warnings for Trulance?

Before using Trulance, it is important to be aware of the following warnings:

  • Do not use Trulance if you have an allergy to plecanatide or if you have experienced any allergic reactions to this medication in the past.
  • Trulance should not be used by individuals who have a blockage in their intestines, as it may cause severe complications.
  • Trulance should not be given to children younger than 6 years old.
  • Avoid using Trulance in individuals younger than 18 years old. Animal studies have shown that plecanatide can cause severe dehydration and may lead to death in young subjects.

FDA Boxed Warning

Severe Dehydration Risk in Children: This drug comes with a boxed warning, the most stringent alert issued by the Food & Drug Administration (FDA). A boxed warning is meant to inform doctors and patients about potential severe side effects of a drug.

Trulance could lead to severe dehydration in children. Studies in animals have shown a higher likelihood of dehydration among young animals treated with Trulance. However, results from animal studies might not always mirror human outcomes. It remains unclear if Trulance similarly elevates dehydration risks in children.

Due to these concerns, Trulance should not be administered to children under 6 years old. Additionally, it is generally not recommended for individuals under 18 years old, as it has not been approved for this age group.

What Are the Trulance Precautions?

Before starting Trulance, discuss your medical history with your doctor. Trulance may not be suitable for individuals with factors or specific health conditions that could affect their overall health. It is important to consider if you have any of the following:

  • Trulance and Pregnancy: The safety of Trulance during pregnancy is not well established. There haven’t been enough clinical trials in humans to determine if it is safe to use while pregnant. Animal studies did not show any harm to the offspring of animals treated with Trulance during pregnancy. However, results from animal studies may not always reflect what happens in humans. Discuss with your doctor whether Trulance is a safe option for you during pregnancy.
  • Trulance and Bowel Obstruction: Before using Trulance, inform your healthcare provider if you have a bowel obstruction. This condition occurs when there is a blockage in your small or large intestine. Typically, doctors will not prescribe Trulance if you have a bowel obstruction due to the potential complications. Instead, your doctor will likely suggest alternative treatments that are safer for your condition.
  • Trulance and Allergic Reaction: If you have experienced an allergic reaction to this medication or any of its ingredients, your primary caregiver will likely not prescribe Trulance. It is important to discuss your allergy history with your doctor so they can recommend alternative medications that may be more suitable for you.
  • Trulance and Breastfeeding: It may be safe to use this medication while breastfeeding. In clinical trials, the drug was not detected in the breast milk of participants who took Trulance. If you are breastfeeding or planning to breastfeed while taking Trulance, consult your doctor. They may give you guidance on safe and healthy ways to feed your child.
  • Trulance and Birth Control: The safety of Trulance during pregnancy is not known. If you are sexually active and either you or your partner can become pregnant, discuss your birth control needs with your doctor while using Trulance. This will help ensure that you use a suitable method to prevent pregnancy during your treatment.

What If You Missed a Dose of Trulance?

  • If only one dose is missed then skip the dose that you missed and take your next scheduled dose at the regular scheduled time.
  • Do not take extra doses to compensate for the doses that you missed, as this may increase the risk of side effects.
  • To avoid missing doses in the future, consider using a medication reminder:
    • Set an alarm or timer.
    • Download a reminder app on your phone.

[Note: If you have missed a dose of your medication and are unsure about when to take the next one, immediately consult your doctor or pharmacist.]

What Happens If You Take Too Much of Trulance?

Avoid taking more Trulance than prescribed by your doctor. Exceeding the recommended dose can result in unwanted side effects or an overdose. If you suspect you have taken an excessive amount of this medication, contact your doctor immediately. You can also reach out to America’s Poison Centers at 800-222-1222 or you can also use their online tool for assistance. If you experience severe symptoms, call your local emergency number, or 911 or go to the nearest emergency room without delay.

[Note: If you consumed more than the recommended dose, get medical help right away or call the Poison Help line at 1-800-222-1222.]

How to Store a Trulance?

  • Store Trulance tablets at room temperature (68–77°F or 20–25°C).
  • Temporarily storing tablets between 59–86°F (15–30°C) is acceptable, such as during travel.
  • Keep tablets in their original packaging, protected from light.
  • Avoid storing Trulance in damp or wet areas, like bathrooms.
  • Dispose of any leftover medication safely to prevent accidental ingestion by others, including children and pets.
  • Proper disposal also helps protect the environment from potential harm.

[Note: Discuss with your healthcare professional about the proper disposal of any unused medicine and any questions you may have regarding its storage.]

What May Interact with Trulance?

Medications That May Interact with Trulance: Currently, there are no known interactions between Trulance and other medications, herbs, supplements, or foods. During clinical trials, the manufacturer did not find any interactions with Trulance. However, this does not guarantee that interactions cannot occur.

To ensure safety, consult your doctor and pharmacist before starting Trulance. Inform them about all the prescription and over-the-counter medications you are taking, as well as any herbs, vitamins, and supplements you use. By sharing this information can help you avoid potential interactions. If you have any questions or concerns about possible drug interactions, be sure to ask your doctor or pharmacist.

[Note: This isn’t a complete list, and there could be other drugs that interact with Trulance. Make sure to tell your doctor about any prescription, over-the-counter medicines, and herbal products you’re taking.]

What Are the Trulance Alternatives?

There are other medications available that can treat your condition, and some may be more suitable for you than Trulance. If you’re looking for an alternative, consult your doctor. They can provide information about other medications that might be effective for you.

Alternatives for Irritable Bowel Syndrome with Constipation

Here are some alternative medications that can be used to treat IBS-C (irritable bowel syndrome with constipation):

Alternatives for Chronic Idiopathic Constipation

Here are some other drugs that may be used to treat chronic idiopathic constipation:

[Note: Your doctor will choose what’s best for you. Don’t use any of these alternative medications without consulting your healthcare provider. Taking them by yourself may cause serious side effects.]

Trulance Cost & Coupons

The price of Trulance can vary depending on your treatment plan, insurance coverage, and the pharmacy you use. If you have insurance, prior authorization may be required before your provider will cover Trulance. This process involves your insurer and doctor discussing Trulance in relation to your treatment. Without prior authorization, you could pay the full cost of the drug. To manage these costs, some Americans turn to services like Polar Bear Meds, where they can buy Trulance online from Canada at a reduced price. Additionally, customers can order Trulance in the USA from Canada and use the Trulance coupon code WELCOMEPB10 to receive a 10% discount on their first order.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Trulance a controlled substance?

No, Trulance is not classified as a controlled substance. Controlled substances are medications that the government strictly monitors due to their potential for misuse or dependency, which involves using the medication differently from how it’s prescribed. Trulance does not have known risks of misuse or dependency. If you have any concerns or questions about Trulance, it’s advisable to consult with your doctor or pharmacist for more information.

Does Trulance cause weight loss?

Trulance is unlikely to cause weight loss directly. During clinical trials, weight loss was not identified as a side effect of taking Trulance. However, constipation, which Trulance treats, can sometimes cause bloating and a temporary increase in weight. As Trulance alleviates constipation, you might notice a slight decrease in weight due to reduced bloating. If you have concerns about weight loss while using Trulance, it’s best to discuss them with your doctor for personalized advice.

Can Trulance be prescribed for gastroparesis?

Trulance is not authorized for treating gastroparesis; a condition often referred to as “stomach paralysis” that disrupts the normal movement (process of digestion) of food through the digestive system. Although some symptoms of gastroparesis, such as abdominal pain and bloating, are similar to those treated by Trulance for constipation, it is not designed for gastroparesis management. If you are considering Trulance for gastroparesis, it is essential to discuss it with your doctor, who may guide you toward the most appropriate treatment options for your specific condition.

What is the difference between Linzess and Trulance?

Trulance and Linzess are both medications used to treat certain types of constipation, but they come in different forms and have different instructions for use. Trulance is available as an oral tablet that you can take with or without food, making it flexible depending on your schedule. On the other hand, Linzess is provided as an oral capsule and it should be taken on an empty stomach. It is ideally half an hour before your first meal of the day. This difference in administration is important to consider when choosing the right medication for your needs.

Is Trulance a laxative?

No, Trulance is not classified as a laxative. Instead, it belongs to a group of medications known as guanylate cyclase-C agonists. While both Trulance and traditional laxatives aim to alleviate constipation, they do so through different mechanisms. Laxatives can be divided into various types, each functioning uniquely. For instance, stimulant laxatives stimulate intestinal muscles to help move stool through, while bulk-forming laxatives increase the bulk of the stool, encouraging the natural urge to pass it. In contrast, Trulance operates by binding to receptors in the small intestine and enhancing fluid absorption there, which facilitates easier and more comfortable bowel movements.

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